What is White Spaces technology?

In September of 2010, the FCC issued its Second Memorandum & Order allowing the unlicensed operation of devices in the unused portions of the TV Broadcast Bands, known as White Spaces. Open access to White Spaces is a significant event due to the considerable amount of spectrum allocated, coupled with the superior propagation characteristics associated with their lower frequency range (54-698 MHz).

In an editorial article for the WSJ (March 6, 2013), former FCC Commissioner Genachowski referred to White Spaces as the most high-quality unlicensed spectrum in 25 years… available in communities throughout the country for uses including Super Wi-Fi and machine-to-machine communications’.


The AIR.U mission is to leverage these White Space Frequencies to provide wireless broadband access to the Internet in Higher Ed communities to support the following service applications:

  • Campus-wide Public Wi-Fi
  • Residential broadband to students and faculty
  • Machine-to-Machine Services supporting Campus Security and Monitoring

Advantages of White Space Spectrum



  • Unlicensed Spectrum
  • Extended Propagation – 5 Mile Range on High Power
  • Ability to Scale Capacity with Demand
  • Lower Infrastructure Cost
  • Supports Existing End-User Devices
  • Standards Based Evolution
  • Compelling First Mover Advantages
  • Penetration through trees and buildings

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