Unlicensed spectrum has been and must continue to be the catalyst for innovation. And therefore we must make sure that unlicensed spectrum is a key part of whatever set of decisions we make.

— Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman

Unlicensed spectrum is vital for Internet companies building tomorrow's technologies and rural providers bringing broadband to unserved portions of the nation.

— Matt Wood, Free Press

AIRU Launches Website

West Virginia University (WVU) this week announced it had launched the nation’s first campus ‘Super Wi-Fi’ network. The network uses TV band white space frequencies to provide free public Wi-Fi access for students and faculty at Public Rapid Transit (PRT) platforms. The ‘Super Wi-Fi’ system is being used to deliver Internet directly to Wi-Fi hotspots that allows them...

Wireless broadband is an important part of bringing the economic, educational, and social benefits of broadband to all Americans.

— Sen. Jay Rockefeller

Gigabit Nation Radio Interview

Believing nothing succeeds like success, AIR.U is following quickly on the heels of Gig.U with a bold plan to tap Super WiFi (unused TV channels) to bring wireless broadband to potentially hundreds of university towns in rural America. Today’s guests formed Advanced Internet Regions to plan, build and operate wireless networks that leverage the creativity of college communities...

Innovative deployment of TV white spaces presents an exciting opportunity for underserved rural and low-income urban communities across the country.

— FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn

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