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Quick Start Program | AIR.U White Spaces Network Program

Quick Start Program

Take advantage of an exclusive offer for AIR.U represented colleges & universities. Enhance broadband access on your campus and in your community!

AIR.U is proud to announce a nationwide program tailored for Higher Ed communities to evaluate, design and deploy high capacity broadband networks leveraging White Space technology. Join West Virginia University, and deploy an AIR.U certified White Space network delivering high value campus Public Wi-Fi, residential and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services. The Quick Start Program is offered exclusively to AIR.U Higher Ed Institutions and is deployed and managed by AIR.U founding member, Declaration Networks Group.

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  • Community Survey & Needs Assessment
  • White Space Base Station & 3 Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Design, Installation and Monitoring Support
  • White Space Educational Application & Technical Documentation
  • Economic Analysis & Sustainability Assessment
  • AIR.U User Group Membership

AIR.U Founders



“Not only does the AIR.U deployment improve wireless connectivity for the Public Rapid Transport System, but it also demonstrates the real potential of innovation and new technologies to deliver broadband coverage and capacity to rural areas and small towns to drive economic development and quality of life, and to compete with the rest of the world in the knowledge economy.”

–John Campbell, Chief Information Officer, West Virginia University [Bio]

Deployment Process

Technology Evaluation

  • Educational and Technical Specification documentation on White Space technology and applications
  • Starter network configuration*
  • AIR.U design and installation support
  • 3 Months of monitoring services and usage/performance reporting
  • 3 Months Tier 2 Support

*Includes base station and 3 Public Wi-Fi Hot Spots. Interfaced with and utilizes college internet access, help desk and NOC; Additional technical evaluations and applications can be supported

Community Survey & Needs Assessment

  • Provide AIR.U best practices for survey and assessment program
  • Determine competitive price for landline and wireless services currently provided
  • Establish desired services for use on the network on campus and in the community
  • Determine who and where are users located on campus and in surrounding community
  • Determine the logical geographic coverage for local service area
  • Determine students internet usage and access to services
  • Determine usage patterns including periodic and high concentrations of users relative to service area
  • Identify the demographic and logical user groups for the proposed service area and surrounding community
  • Identify potential users in each major category: students, facility/employees, community, small businesses, other

Economic Analysis & Sustainability Assessment

  • Provide framework for potential White Space network deployment and usage
  • Establish baseline network infrastructure and provide GAP analysis
  • Create proposed network coverage for targeted users
  • Define user needs, services and potential capacity
  • Summarize business and consumer pricing for service area competitors from survey
  • Assess affinity program pricing options for targeted user groups
  • Provide recommendations and implementation approach for consideration


Did you know? The Quick Start Program can be expanded to deploy a tailored private network for campus applications and extended for affinity broadband services off-campus. This opens up exciting new opportunities to improve campus-wide Internet services.


Private Campus Network

  • Public  Access Wi-Fi (Students, Faculty, Staff, Vendors, Select Campus Buildings)
  • Private Access Wi-Fi (Campus Security, Alumni Events)
  • M2M (Equipment, Video and Security Monitoring)

Affinity Internet Service

  • Off-Campus Internet Service (Up to 5 Mbps)
  • Offered to Students, Faculty and Staff, and Affiliated Commercial Businesses

Quick Start Program – Special AIR.U Introductory Offer

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